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May the FORCE be with you!

Excuse the shameless attention-grabbing headline; I couldn’t resist the cliché. So, what on earth does the FORCE have to do with anything remotely Katherine Blessan-related?...

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Three days exploring story

You may have noticed – I don’t normally write about writing. But, having just returned from a long weekend at the London Screenwriters’ Festival, it...

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Chasing Success

What is success? The dictionary defines it as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, which could be anything from taking your first teetering steps...

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Hard Truths

Amber Rudd, Britain’s current Home Secretary, claims that ‘fake news’ has been spread related to what the UK government has done to help unaccompanied refugee...

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The Impossible

This Christmas, four years after its release, I finally got the chance to watch The Impossible, the disaster cum survival movie based on a real...

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