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Hull English Literature Festival

31 December 2017

In February, I’ll be going on a ‘business trip’ and returning to the northern city where I studied for my BA. I won’t be going in the role of Hull University alumni, but as a published author. The event is called the English Literature Festival and it’s being run by FORCE, a regional network to encourage wider participation in Higher and Further education. The participants at the festival will be 13-18 year olds and I, along with several other authors and literary professionals from the region, will be inspiring the students regarding all things literary including practical workshops such as how to publish an ebook, and more theoretical panel discussions on topics as diverse as Romance and Friendship in literature and Indie Publishing Do’s and Don’ts. It’s wonderful that an event like this is being run specifically for young people so that they understand more about the ins and outs of a potential literary career, and can make choices with open eyes. Hull has come into its own as a cultural force to be reckoned with after being the City of Culture 2017, and I’m proud to be returning with two hats – one of a published author as well as a Hull alumni.